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6 Glass Options for Your Commercial Windows

Selecting the right glass for your commercial windows can impact your property's aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and security. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer a wide range of glass options and quality commercial glass replacement services.

Spandrel Glass

Spandrel glass is an ideal choice for commercial properties because of its visual appeal and its ability to conceal a building’s structural elements. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer back-painted glass options to add a touch of style to our client's establishments. Back-painted glass is created by applying a layer of paint on one side, often the back surface. This makes the glass more appealing and opaque.

Clients can choose from various color coating options, depending on their needs. Our team will advise you on the best location and options to utilize Spandrel glass, for optimal service.

Laminated Glass

We offer laminated glass for high-risk properties. It's an ideal choice if you're concerned about breakages, as it's built to withstand significant force. Laminated glass typically contains multiple layers of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer. The interlayer makes the glass difficult to penetrate. It also holds glass fragments together in case of breakage, reducing the risk of injury resulting from sharp glass edges.

Fire-Rated Glass

We can install fire-rated glass in areas whose building codes require fire-rated materials. It's specially designed to withstand high temperatures and limit the spread of flames and radiant heat during a fire. The glass comprises multiple layers of toughened glass and intumescent interlayers that expand when exposed to high temperatures. This creates a barrier against fire and radiant heat.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass adds privacy and a decorative touch to a building's interior and exterior. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer various patterned glass options, including dew, rain, frosted, and geometric pattern-etched glass. These glass options feature the patterns they're named after. Rain glass mimics the appearance of raindrops running down a window. Patterned glass is suitable for areas that require privacy, like changing rooms and bathrooms.

Bullet-Resistant Glass

We typically install bullet-resistant or ballistic glass in high-crime areas or establishments that need enhanced security. These include schools, banks, airports, and government buildings. The glass contains several layers of toughened glass, interlayers of materials like polyvinyl butyral, and sometimes, polycarbonate for added protection. These layers work together to absorb and distribute the energy of a bullet, preventing the glass from shattering on impact. Our team will advise you on the ideal thickness of your bullet-resistant glass, depending on your desired level of protection.

Sound-Controlled Glass

Sound-controlled glass, also known as acoustic glass, is specially designed to limit the transmission of sound waves. Our sound-controlled glass features several layers of glass and an acoustic interlayer that dampens sound vibrations, minimizing the amount of noise that reaches you. We recommend this type of glass for commercial buildings located in busy areas.

Allied Glass & Mirror: Your Ideal Commercial Glass Replacement Expert

Allied Glass & Mirror creates comfortable indoor environments by offering high-quality glass solutions. We have glass options suitable for your every need and a team ready to install or replace your chosen solution. Our team has over 115 years of combined experience with commercial glass replacement, so you can rely on our expertise. Contact us for reliable custom glass solutions and services.

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