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Glass is great for letting light in, but it’s not always so great for protecting your privacy. For front doors, bathroom windows, and shower stalls, pattern glass can let light in but keep details to a minimum so people can’t see what’s going on inside. Allied Glass & Mirror provides patterned glass installation in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.


You might be most familiar with the vaguely patterned translucent glass often used in bathroom windows, but that’s just one of the options you have for patterned glass installation at Allied Glass & Mirror.

If you live in a quaint home with plenty of flowers and trees, you can choose patterned glass that reflects the natural world. For an elegant front door, consider frosty glass etched with vines or flowers. For a bathroom, you might use dew glass, which is glass textured and patterned to look like it’s covered in dewdrops, or rain glass, which has droplets and rivulets that mimic a light rainfall.

For a more modern touch, choose patterned glass in a simple grid or stripes. You can even choose glass etched in a seemingly random geometric pattern, which goes well with a mid-century modern aesthetic.

No matter what your personal style, you can find a patterned glass that matches and accentuates it.


At Allied Glass & Mirror, we have served the Cincinnati area since 1947. Our company has always been family-owned and -operated, and our strong work ethic has enabled us to bring quality workmanship to our customers from the beginning. When you want a trustworthy, caring touch, we’re the company you should call.

For more information about your options for patterned glass in the Cincinnati, OH, area, call Allied Glass & Mirror at (513) 381-0096. Our customer service line is available 24/7, but you can also send us an email if that works better for you.

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