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What To Expect From Commercial Glass Replacement

Commercial glass companies can handle custom glass installation, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and many other services. Allied Glass and Mirror offers comprehensive support for many different businesses. Here is what to expect from commercial glass replacement handled by our experts:

Custom Upgrades

Commercial glass windows, walls, and entry doors are vulnerable to environmental elements like wind, rain, sun, storms, dirt, and debris. Accidents can also occur during cleaning and upkeep. Breakages, fogging, and scratches are all reasons to consider a replacement. A commercial glass replacement company can help you upgrade to a stronger tempered glass or glazed window. You can also change the style from fixed to pivoted or sliding or opt for a higher specification glass with secondary glazing. Consider the following custom upgrades:

  • Install double glazing for superior insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency
  • Install polycarbonate glazing shield or laminated security glass
  • Consider low-emission glass for improved energy efficiency
  • Switch to more durable seals, gaskets, and brush piles
  • Upgrade commercial glass door and window hardware
  • Replace steel casements, railings, and other support fixtures

Quality Hardware

Allied Glass & Mirror has commercial glass hardware specialists to help you find the right fixtures for your glass replacement. Quality hardware for commercial glass entry doors and high-rise windows delivers longevity, security, and reliability. Our specialists can help you find quality brackets, clips, hinges, backing plates, and other hardware for your doors and windows.

Commercial glass hardware replacements range from custom-color painted windows and door frames to electronic locks and automated accessories. Leading commercial glass installers offer superior quality for all hardware, including door rollers, offset pivots, U-channels, mount locks, and screws. You can also order custom colors to create unique aesthetics matching your commercial brand. Involve a hardware specialist to leverage their professional insight in finding the best quality for your chosen style and upgrade.

Improved Performance

Replacing commercial glass doors and windows can improve aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. You can replace old, damaged, or out-of-style glass doors, windows, and walls with higher specifications to help insulate your business, which can lower energy costs. Switching from standard to tempered glass can increase impact resistance, security, and longevity.

Upgrading to transparent glass walls and oversized windows can increase natural light within the space. Galvanized hardware also delivers better performance through all seasons without rusting or tarnishing. Working with experienced glass and mirror contractors can help you address all the challenges of your current windows. Your new installation can be optimized to resist storms, UV, burglars, leaks, and other threats.

Find a Commercial Glass Replacement Shop

Replacing commercial glass doors, windows, walls, and sunroofs requires thoughtful design and material selection. You can stick with the former design and materials or upgrade to something better. Allied Glass & Mirror has experts to help you find quality hardware for your glass repairs and replacements. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial glass replacement services and how we can help your project.

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