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What To Do If A Glass Window Breaks During A Storm

While the summer storm season can be dangerous with high winds, lightning, and let’s not forget what Mother Nature can throw at us during the fall and winter months. The most common damage during a storm is broken glass. Whether it be a plate glass window at work or your bedroom window at home, here are some things to think about if your glass breaks during a storm:

1. Your Safety is the Top Priority

When a glass window breaks during a storm, the first thing to do is to move to a secure location. Flying glass particles and pieces are dangerous and can result in terrible injuries. Move your pets, family, or coworkers to a room with fewer or no windows before attempting to fix anything. If the situation doesn’t call for emergency repairs, ride out the storm and assess the situation once the storm has ended.

2. The Quick Fix

It’s normal to want to fix the issue immediately to avoid shattered glass everywhere. Your first priority should be the safety of everyone in the room. From there, consider your ability to apply a quick fix. You can staple a piece of cardboard or use any solid flat surface to seal the window and block the wind. Once the temporary solution is in place, contact Allied Glass & Mirror to help secure and replace the window permanently.

3. Seal Off the Area

A quick fix might not be achievable under the circumstances. The storm may be too strong, or you may not have anything to fix the window quickly. In that case, do your best to seal off the room to restrict the damage to that area. If you’re able, lock the doors to prevent the shattered glass and strong winds from reaching other parts of the house.

4. Ride Out the Storm

Some storms can generate wind speeds as high as 100+ miles an hour and don’t allow time for a quick fix. In these scenarios, doing nothing is better than risking an injury. When glass shatters and starts flying, it’s safest to move yourself to a secure room, ride out the storm, and assess the damage when it settles.

5. Clean Up the Glass

After the storm has calmed down, you will want to pick up the broken glass and dispose of it safely. Shattered glass particles are dangerous, and some break down to fine pieces. Ensure you clean the room carefully and remove all glass to avoid injuries. Some cases may require waiting for a professional team to handle glass clearing.

Replacement Window Glass

We hope you never need to replace your glass from a damaging storm, but if you do, you can count on us at Allied Glass & Mirror to help you get your home or office back to normal. Our team has been a part of Cincinnati for over 75 years and we are always ready to provide the best glass and mirror products and installation to our neighbors.

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