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Sound Controlled Glass


Noise pollution is a common feature of modern urban and suburban life these days. In fact, most of us have trained ourselves to ignore it, until we realize it’s gone. Then, we revel in the utter peacefulness of a space that’s free of the incessant ocean of mechanical and human sounds. One of the ways to create an oasis of peace is to install sound controlled – or soundproof – glass.

Recently, Allied Glass & Mirror installed sound controlled glass windows at The Cincinnatian Hotel, an historic hotel in downtown Cincinnati. While this type of glass is great for businesses, it is also ideal for homes and can even aid in the preservation of historic properties.

Below, we’ll talk about all the benefits this product can offer, especially when installed by a reliable and quality business with years of experience.

Residential Options

Space is often at a premium in Cincinnati – especially as you move closer to the downtown area and the vibrant Over-The-Rhine. While we love knowing our neighbors, a sense of community is often damaged by knowing them too well or feeling a lack of privacy. Sound controlled glass offers a very simple solution to this issue. By installing customized glass in your home, you are able to escape the sounds of the city or your neighborhood into an area of quiet. It gives you space and time to recharge before heading out into the world again. It also provides privacy by keeping the sounds of your everyday activities from the attention of nearby neighbors. Plus, Allied Glass can easily install units over existing windows, which means no costly construction budgets or prolonged disturbance of your routine.

Historical Preservation

Noise is destructive to the material fabric of human history as well. Sound travels in waves through the air. Much like the waves we see in water, they break when they collide with a solid substance, and can actually erode or compromise the integrity of that substance. The State Historical Preservation Office and other concerned parties have long sought a way to help preserve Cincinnati’s wonderful historical properties, like The Cincinnatian Hotel, from damage. This can include the restoration of interiors or preservation of building facades. One thing that’s a huge concern is preserving the original materials and structure, which, over time becomes compromised from constant barrages of noise, pollution, and human activities. Custom sound controlled glass actually reduces the level of depredation on historical properties by keeping it out.

Beyond residential and urban preservation retrofitting, businesses and other commercial properties can also benefit from the sound-controlled glass. Whether it’s a new building project or a reapplication of existing space, Allied Glass provides quality installation of customized glass in Cincinnati at competitive rates. It can attract clientele to new business or simply allow for a broader range of applications to a single property when noise pollution is reduced. Contact us today to discover just how sound controlled glass can benefit you.

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