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How To Know When You Need Glass or Mirror Services

Warped or Misaligned Glass

Several factors, including poor glass installation, climate changes, and age, may cause warped glass. If left unrepaired, the damage can worsen, making it more expensive to find a solution. It may also be time to seek professional services if your glass windows or doors have gaps or aren't closing properly.

Allied Glass & Mirror has over 115 years of collective experience in the glass industry. You can rely on us to provide proper glass installation to reduce the risk of misalignment. Our glass experts assess your glass to determine whether repair or replacement is a good option.

Chips or Cracks

Glass and mirrors can get chips or cracks from being hit by hard objects, poor installation, or exposure to constant temperature changes. The features need repair or replacement as soon as possible, as chips and cracks can present safety hazards in high-traffic areas or in homes with kids or pets. Chips and cracks can also affect the features' functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Allied Glass & Mirror offers 24/7 emergency services for commercial clients who need their glass and mirrors repaired immediately.

Foggy Glass

Fogginess or cloudiness on your glass can indicate a problem with the sealant or insulation. This may be caused by constant water or heat exposure. If left unrepaired, foggy or cloudy glass can lead to higher energy bills, as your HVAC system may be forced to work harder to maintain your desired temperature.

Allied Glass & Mirror can solve this problem by replacing your old glass with new, properly sealed double panes. Proper sealing can prevent condensation and fogging between the panes. This can reduce your energy bills and allow you to enjoy added comfort in your home.

Need for Custom Glass

Sometimes you may need glass services to upgrade your home's appeal. Professional companies like Allied Glass & Mirror create customized solutions if you need glass or mirrors that are typically not in the market. You can choose your desired shape, size, frame, and edges and leave the design and installation to us.

We also offer numerous decorative glass options, including colored glass and patterned glass. Our glass experts can help you choose the most suitable color and pattern depending on your needs and the room you want to transform. Deep blue-colored glass or dew-patterned glass can be ideal for your bathroom. These glasses offer privacy and improve a space's aesthetic appeal.

Seek Professional Glass and Mirror Services

Look for professional glass and mirror services if you need to repair existing glass and mirrors or upgrade your interior space.

Allied Glass & Mirror offers quality mirror and glass services in Cincinnati. We've been in the glass industry since 1947 and have a capable team ready to restore, repair, or replace your glass and mirrors. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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We’ve been doing this since 1947 and our team of experts has over 115 years of collective experience in the glass industry, let’s just say we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.