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How to Keep Glass Railings Looking Fresh

Glass railings provide your home or office with a clean and contemporary look. Glass that is dingy or damaged doesn't inspire those feelings. As we all know, you can only make first impressions once.

We recommend checking your glass railings a couple of times a year. Not only to ensure the glass railings are looking clean but more importantly, that they are structurally sound for use.

Chips or cracks could mean you are in the market for replacement glass.

Keep your glass railings looking beautiful and maintain safety by following these tips:

Check for Damage

Before you begin the process of cleaning your glass railing, take a close look at the glass and evaluate for any damage. Small chips or cracks may not seem like a big problem, but even a little damage can compromise the integrity of the glass. If you don't find any faults, continue cleaning the glass. If you see any problems, you might consider some of the options below.

Repair the Glass Railing

In some cases, chips and cracks can be repaired. While you can find DIY solutions online, for safety purposes it is best to contact an expert to evaluate the damage.

Experts are trained specifically to look at the overall structure of the glass and if any damage has the potential for a hazard.

Replacement Glass Railing

If you have large cracks or chips, you will likely need to replace the glass. This is not only a concern for the appearance but for safety as well. Don't wait to speak to a professional about cracked glass in your home. The experts at Allied Glass & Mirror can evaluate your situation and find a solution for your glass repair or replacement.

Cleaning Indoor vs. Outdoor Railings

You will have different cleaning challenges based on the location of your glass railing. Fingerprints and smudges will be the biggest cleaning challenge for indoor railings. Railings in high-traffic areas will need extra attention to prevent grime build-up.

Outdoor railings have additional challenges to keep looking good. Rain can leave water spots and dust deposits. Droppings from birds or other animals leave ugly streaks as well. The good news is that it's easy to clean glass railings with the proper supplies.

Choose Your Cleaning Supplies

It's important to select cleaning supplies that will not damage your glass. This is especially important if your glass has a coating. Consider the cleaning solution and tools you will use to get a streak-free shine.

Cleaning Solutions

No matter what you choose, your cleaning solution should leave your glass clear and streak-free. Many people already have a trusted glass cleaner in their cleaning supplies. A multi-purpose cleaner that is approved for glass would also work well for most applications.

You don't need specialty cleaners to make your glass sparkle. If you are worried about harsh chemicals, diluted vinegar in a spray bottle is a great natural alternative. If you're saving money, you can also get the glass nicely cleaned with a little bit of dish soap, water, and a non-abrasive sponge.

Cleaning Supplies

It's important to consider what tools you use to clean your glass railings. Improper cleaning can leave scratches or even gouge the glass. A soft microfiber cloth will remove all traces of grime and won't leave lint.

A squeegee is also a great tool for cleaning glass like a pro. If you're feeling thrifty, the newspaper is an option that will leave windows streak-free.

Pristine glass railings add value and give your space a clean and modern design. If you've been thinking about upgrading or fixing your glass railings, reach out to one of our glass experts at Allied Glass & Mirror. We'd be happy to replace the glass in your existing railing.

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