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FAQs of European Showers

European interior design styles vary from country to country, but the style of European showers remains consistent. If you are remodeling your bathroom, consider installing a European shower with glass shower doors to open up the floor plan and improve the functionality of your space. Here are some frequently asked questions about European showers:

What Is a European Shower?

Residential bathrooms in European countries are typically smaller than those in the United States. Because of this limited space, the showers are not usually separated from the rest of the room by a large curb. This helps them take up less room than a traditional porcelain or plastic bathtub and shower. European showers are enclosed by glass doors and walls within the bathroom and can be created in the style of a smaller walk-in shower or larger wet room. This shower style has become popular worldwide and can be used as the centerpiece of your bathroom. They can help create a modern and stylish look that makes the space stand out.

Are European Showers Customizable?

European showers can be customized to fit your space. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we do not install prefabricated showers, so we design each European shower project depending on the client's needs and preferences. European showers can be customized to match various design styles. Glass showers work well with traditional bathroom decor with earthy tones and wood accents. They also match modern bathroom decor focused on neutral tones and stone accents. European showers can be customized to include only the shower or a combination of the shower and tub or sink.

The types of glass panels used in these showers can also be customized. Clients can choose from framed or unframed panels. Frameless glass shower doors are made of strong tempered glass, offering a timeless look while giving your bathroom an airy feel. They don't require frames because heavy-duty hinges and clamps hold the door up. Frameless shower doors have no visual barriers, showcasing the beauty of your bathroom and making it appear more open and spacious. Framed shower doors are made with an aluminum frame surrounding the glass panels. This provides a more traditional design style than frameless doors. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we can use various finishes for your framed shower doors to match your bathroom decor.

Are European Showers Easily Accessible?

These shower doors open like a regular door, providing easy access to the inside of your shower without taking up additional space. The single glass panel mounted on hinges allows the door to open for easy entry. Individuals with mobility issues can get in and out of a European shower more easily than traditional bathtubs as they can be designed to be curbless or include a lower curb than traditional showers. These showers can also be designed to include seating benches to improve the accessibility for individuals who experience difficulty standing in the shower.

Design Glass Shower Doors With Allied Glass & Mirror

At Allied Glass & Mirror, we can design European glass shower doors to fit various spaces, lifestyles, and design preferences. We customize each shower to suit your needs, giving your bathroom an updated, unique look. With framed or frameless glass, European showers open the floorplan of your bathroom. These showers also allow light to move through the room more easily, making the space appear larger. Contact Allied Glass & Mirror today to learn more about designing and installing a European shower in your home.

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