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Custom Glass Solutions for Schools

Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers can provide high-quality glass for doors, windows, display covers, and mirrors. At Allied Glass & Mirror we have more than 70 years of experience offering comprehensive glass solutions, including design, installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you need replacement window glass or seek a reliable installer for a new school project, we would love to work with you!

4 Custom Glass Solutions You Can Add to Your School

Allied Glass & Mirror provides custom materials and installation in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We take pride in offering premium quality products and meeting our clients’ needs. If you're looking to add, upgrade or repair aging glass fixtures in your school, our team would love to help. Here are four common, custom glass solutions Allied Glass provides in schools:

1. Glass Doors and Windows

Glass doors are some of the most common solutions we provide to schools in Cincinnati. Schools can install glass doors in classrooms, offices, restricted areas, laboratories, libraries, and many other places. Glass doors come in various style options, including sliding, stacked, pivot, bifold, and French. You can use sliding doors to restrict entry to offices and staffrooms and simple hinged designs for dining areas. Sliding doors can also save space in classrooms.

Allied Glass & Mirror can help you install glass doors and windows on almost any school building, including administration areas, dormitories, classrooms, and dining areas. Our team will help you understand your glass make-up options (tempered versus laminated) as well as your pattern options (i.e., frosted, textured, tinted, etc.). We offer custom glass solutions, so you can personalize the design and aesthetics. We also provide premium-quality glass for classes, washrooms, labs, and security offices.

2. Security Glass

At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer premium glass solutions to help you boost security and aesthetics. We can install custom, tempered, and toughened security glass in various places. Our team has over 70 years using custom inputs to provide the best outcome to our customers! We have different color options, stylistic elements, and standard designs. Our team has the experience to tackle your custom project to install the best security glass for your school.

3. Dry-Erase Boards

Glass boards are made from tempered safety glass and offer a modern replacement for whiteboards. We've installed many dry-erase panels in Ohio and Northern Kentucky schools. Our glass installers can help you customize transparent glass boards with sleek finishes. Glass boards are aesthetically modern, elegant, and professional. They also blend in with any décor, so you can install them across classrooms, lecture halls, staff meeting rooms, and beyond.

Allied Glass & Mirror will help you install custom dry-erase glass boards and add school badges, logos, and graphics. You can choose framed and frameless boards and find a resilient, scratch-resistant glass. We'll help you customize the glass board to fit your needs and budget. Our goal is to install the ultimate glass board that can withstand daily wear, resist stains & dents, and lower maintenance requirements. We also help install glass notice boards and display cases.

4. Bullet-Resistant Glass

Schools in high-crime or targeted areas may require bulletproof glass to deter, delay, and prevent unauthorized entrance. Bullet-resistant glass can provide ballistic protection and protect students from violent offenders. Allied Glass & Mirror are experts in bullet-resistant and fire-rated glass. We can help you install premium quality glass for increased protection, seamless integration, and energy efficiency.

Bullet-resistant glass is perfect for classroom windows, staffrooms, doors, and curtail wall windows. Ticket window systems like cashier offices can also benefit from bullet-resistant glass. When evaluating your need for such glass, consider installing fire-rated options. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we can help you install fire-rated glazing and other custom glass fixtures with excellent thermal capabilities.

Replacement Window Glass in Cincinnati

Glass doors and windows are the installations many schools request in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Dry-erase boards and glass displays are also popular. If you have a unique glass project not included in our list, contact us anyway! We have decades of experience in custom glass solutions and can help schools handle various installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

We’re a leading glass and mirror shop in Cincinnati and specialize in custom fixtures and installations. We take on challenging projects, including emergency repairs. Our esteemed experts are dedicated to helping you create lasting solutions. Whether your project is large or small, urgent or cosmetic, Allied Glass & Mirror is here to help!

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