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Boost Privacy with Patterned Replacement Window Glass

Glass manufacturers have unique patterns and allow customers to determine the level of optical distortion needed. The glass can feature patterns on one or both sides and have customizable view deformations.

Patterned glass comes in different thicknesses, so you can choose the ideal option for your needs.

Below are four ways to protect your privacy with patterned glass:

1.    Install Patterned Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower doors, windows, and enclosures improve lighting and aesthetic appeal in your bathroom. While clear glass leaves you exposed, allowing light to pass through, using patterned glass is one way to increase the depth and distort the view from the outside.

Some patterns distort the view from one side, so you’re able to see out while in the shower.

Many pattern options are available to choose from if you want to give your glass shower enclosure a unique identity and find the best match for your interior decoration.

2.    Use Patterned Glass on Front Doors

Clear glass front doors and windows give people a view of your home. You can use patterned glass to blur, distort or completely block outside view, instantly protecting your privacy. Light will pass through the patterned glass, but no one from outside can peek at what's inside.

You can also install patterned glass on exterior windows to distort images from the inside. Using patterned glass for front doors and windows is ideal when you want to buffer privacy without losing the aesthetic appeal of clear glass. Many, but not all, patterns can be tempered.

3.    Install Patterned Glass for Wall Partitions

Glass wall partitions with patterns on both sides are excellent when creating a meditation room, home studio, office, or any other room that requires privacy or extra space for guests. You can use them to separate large areas into smaller manageable rooms.

Using patterned glass for home office partitions will distort the view from outside, keeping your activities private. You can also obscure the view to protect yourself from distractions on the other side of the wall.

4.    Patterned Glass for Outdoor Pools Panels

Pool glass panels boost security and add a touch of luxury to your backyard. Installing patterned glass can solve your privacy issue by blocking the view from outside while adding decorative elements to your swimming pool. It is important to use the proper thickness for outdoor use!

Patterned Glass and Mirror Installations in Cincinnati

Patterned glass can protect your privacy and suit front doors, windows, shower stalls, pool panels, wall partitions, railings, and other areas. You need a reputable glass and mirror shop that can guarantee high-quality installation and guarantees.

At Allied Glass & Mirror, our goal is to provide premium glass and mirror services in Cincinnati. We have more than seven decades of experience and take pride in meeting the needs of all our clients.

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