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Benefits of a Frameless Shower Glass Door

Glass shower doors are available in two main types, framed and frameless, and each has advantages that need evaluation before settling on a particular choice. Allied Glass & Mirror designs and installs glass shower doors in Cincinnati, OH, offering quality products and services. Here are some benefits of installing a frameless glass shower door:

1. A Clean, Elegant Look

The difference between framed and frameless glass shower doors is the border around the door. While the frame is designed to provide more stability, it can detract from the bathroom's overall appearance. The frames may bring an outdated appearance, especially to a space with modern finishes. Frameless shower doors do not have obstructing borders and provide a clean and elegant style. They also complement other modern finishes like marble tiles and stonework that frames may hide. Our glass door installers understand appearance matters in a bathroom and will design a door that produces an attractive appearance.

2. Creates The Illusion of a Bigger Space

A frame around your door may create a division separating the shower and the surrounding area, making your space seem smaller. A frameless glass shower door lacks obstructing borders, making the space appear larger and airy. Our experts at Allied Glass & Mirror can recommend other options to make your bathroom space look and feel more extensive in addition to this solution.

3. Better Lighting

The frames in framed shower doors can obstruct lighting. It may also create shadows that produce an undesired appearance. Frameless glass shower doors allow light to pass through without any obstruction, making the space feel brighter and welcoming. The glass, in its entirety, reflects the natural light coming from your windows to produce a well-lit environment. If your bathroom has limited natural lighting, a frameless door can help maximize available lighting. When coupled with proper artificial lighting, you will have a brighter space for showering and overall accessibility.

4. Easier to Clean

A shower can be prone to dirt, soap scum, and other unwanted substances that require regular cleaning. If you have a framed door, the debris can hide in the nooks and crannies, making it challenging to remove. A frameless glass door has a seamless, uninterrupted surface. It lacks those small spaces that may hide dirt. This makes cleaning more accessible to identify any soap scums or other buildup to remove. It also has unobstructed surfaces for seamless scrubbing. A frameless shower door also helps prevent mold buildup. Since showers are high-moisture places, they're susceptible to mold growth in various areas. The frame can hide mold growth, potentially leading to respiratory issues. A frameless door will help show and identify the early stages of mold growth.

5. Many Designs Available

Our Allied Glass & Mirror experts help install frameless glass doors to suit various needs and preferences. When it comes to thickness, a thinner door feels lighter and can be less costly to install. A thicker door withstands pressure and looks more luxurious. We help you find a balance between thin and thick to enjoy the best of both options for your bathroom. Other customization options are clear glass, frosted glass, or patterned glass. Clear glass provides unobstructed views, while patterned glass has decorations, such as rain, dew, geometric patterns, or simple grid lines. Frosted glass features a blurred effect to make it semi-opaque. The choice of glass type mainly depends on your desired privacy levels. We also have colored options for glass shower doors to create a welcoming space.

6. Showers of All Sizes and Shapes

Whether you have a small or large bathroom shower, review your choices, such as a frameless glass door to enjoy its functional and aesthetic benefits. Some showers also have irregular shapes and need a specially designed cut. Get a professional to measure the space and get the exact dimensions. The dimensions and other features help the installer determine the door's costs. Allied Glass & Mirror can handle this work, whether you have a large, luxurious master bathroom or a small shower.

7. Increased Home Value

A frameless glass shower door is an elegant and luxurious addition to any bathroom. Should you choose to sell your property in the future, the bathroom may be a positive selling point to command a higher price. A well-designed bathroom with a frameless shower door also appeals to a wide range of buyers, helping your property sell in a competitive market.

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