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Bathroom Remodel Glass and Mirror Features

At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer glass and mirror services for home renovation and commercial construction companies. Here are some things to know about adding glass and mirror features to your bathroom remodel:

Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains and liners can get dirty quickly and may need to be cleaned or replaced often. Shower doors are easier to keep clean and rarely need to be replaced. If you choose a glass shower door, you can give any bathroom a more clean and more modern look. With regular spot cleaning and some glass cleaner, you can maintain a sparkling glass shower door.

Upgrading your old shower curtain or shower doors by replacing them with a glass door can enhance the entire look of your bathroom. Shower glass doors allow light to sweep across the room and brighten up the space. They can also make it feel bigger since they don't divide the bathroom in half by concealing the shower space.

Frameless glass doors and enclosures are minimalist and customizable to work with your décor. You can match them to any style or finish on your fixtures. Glass shower doors can also make your bathroom look and feel cleaner. Without a frame or sliding track, mold and mildew won't grow on the frame. At Allied Glass & Mirror, we offer a sealed glass coating to protect the glass of clients with hard water and corrosion. With this upgrade, your glass shower door will be both beautiful and durable.

We offer commercial and residential glass replacement services. Our team has the experience to provide comprehensive glass solutions, including repair, maintenance, design, and installation. We are ready to work with you whether you want a reliable glass installation or replacement for your bathroom remodel project.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors come in all sizes and shapes, including hexagonal, round, rectangular, and square. Choosing the perfect shape for a bathroom remodel depends on the design, style, and personal preference. Oval and round-shaped mirrors are common because they can soften the space. The curved edges of oval and round-shaped mirrors can expose more of your bathroom wall, which helps to highlight design features like wallpaper or an accent wall.

By choosing a taller bathroom mirror, the room may appear larger and reflect more light. A floor-length mirror can help you see more of yourself when getting ready for the day.

At Allied Glass & Mirror, we can design and install completely customized mirrors. We can help you create a new bathroom vanity that meets your needs and expectations.

Find the Best Glass and Mirror Services

Allied Glass & Mirror has been providing glass and mirror services since 1947. Our experts are committed to providing lasting solutions in the glass industry. We offer durability, unique designs, and customizable options to combine quality with style. Our customer service, strong work ethic, and determination help us to maintain our legacy and keep our customers satisfied with our work. Work with us for your next bathroom remodel.

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