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Avoid Window Cracks And Fogging This Winter

Window fogging and cracked glass – it happens in more homes than you might think. Cracks occur without any interference, and fogging builds up overnight and throughout the day when the weather turns cold. However, no homeowner should have to deal with fogged windows or unexpected cracks.

A little preventative maintenance will go a long way to ensure beautiful, clear windows this winter season. Here are a few quick and basic tips that could help you prevent this inconvenience.

5 Winter Window Help Tips

1. Look for stress cracks.

Stress cracks occur naturally due to expanding and contracting glass. These cracks start at the edge of the glass and run perpendicularly; they can also spider out in any direction. If the glass edge is visible, it could indicate stress. Allied Glass & Mirror can install thicker glass to combat stress cracks in the future.

2. Weatherize the windows.

Installing storm windows helps to keep the warm air inside and prevent frosted and fogged windows. Make sure to caulk the gaps in the seals to stop air leaks.

3. Run a dehumidifier in the room.

Fog can develop on the glass when it’s cold outside and warm inside. A dehumidifier will keep the interior air dry and stop fog and frost from forming on the windows.

4. Apply some weather-stripping.

Frozen glass is more susceptible to cracks. Use weather-stripping in the areas where the window touches the sill. In addition, installing plastic shrink film on the inside of each window will provide better insulation and keep the windows and the interior warmer.

5. Switch to double-paned windows.

Single-paned windows don’t provide as much insulation between the inside and the outside. Double-paned windows have a space of dead air that acts like insulation, slowing down the transfer of hot and cold air.

Get Professional Window Repair By Allied Glass & Mirror
No home or business owner should deal with window cracks and fog on their own. Contact Allied Glass & Mirror for professional window repair. We specialize in glass repair and replacement and have a team with more than 115 years of experience in the construction industry. We can help you stay warm and even save a little money on heating costs.

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